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I tend to loosely base my cheesecake on a couple of recipes. Once I've mixed it, I taste it and add lemon juice, sugar, and/or vanilla until it tastes right. Then I call my husband downstairs to check. He always has to taste it a second time just to be sure.

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One time Aidon was licking the bowl just a little too close to the kitchen stool our young foster kitten, Bugalu, was sitting. He took a FLYING leap so he could have some cheesecake batter, too! This is what, in my house, we call "a camera emergency."



I've finally gotten pretty consistent results with my cheesecakes. I get that by following the instructions from Cooks Illustrated. I preheat the oven to 500, and let it bake at that temperature for 10 minutes. I then turn the oven down to 200, without opening the oven, and bake until done. I get a beautiful top that way, without cracks.


My husband REALLY loves cheesecake crust, so I make a triple or quadruple crust recipe, and bake it in a 10" pan, rather than a 9" pan.



This gives the right crust to cheesecake ratio for him. He also likes it a little creamy in the middle, and a little dense along the edges. We all like it this way, so it works out!

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