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My dear friend Les was the first one to ask me, one November, a while ago, if I might enjoy making a cake for her and our mutual friend Sue. It was my pleasure!

 So really, the cake obsession is entirely her fault! Thank or blame her, as you see fit!

I will have to dig up the original cake I made, but in 2006 I made two "cakes" for their joint November birthday celebrations. Sue wanted pastry cream and fondant. Les wanted cupcakes. Neither of them specified decorations of any sort.


Les has an entirely fabulous tattoo of rainbow paw prints on her shoulder blade, and it makes for a great theme for cake decorating.




I made bunches of royal icing paw prints, in a variety of rainbow colors.





Each cupcake sported two colorful paw prints. Except for the one for Les, which had more paw prints, AND her name!



Since I already had the bright colors, I decided to make royal icing rainbows for Sue's cake.




It was a caking weekend. I still had leftover black fondant from the soccer ball cake, and had to make more white for this cake.



A simple white border, brightened up by some colored dots finished it off!





I had a lot of cake scraps from this cake. Somehow, it seemed fitting to top them all with a scary clown head!




The cake was delicious, and it was quickly reduced to half its size!


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