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Rainbow Fondant
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The request for this cake came very near the last minute, and I was extremely busy on the day it needed to be delivered. But the request was made by the husband of a dear friend, (and he is a dear friend, himself), and I couldn't/didn't want to refuse.

Fortunately, Cortney loves rainbows, and fondant, so I got the idea to do a brightly colored fondant covered cake.

I really wish I had taken pictures of how I did this. I will have to duplicate it at some point for just that purpose.

All I did was to first separate my fondant into six pieces. I then colored the fondant six vivid colors of the rainbow. Then I made each color into a snake/sausage, and cut it in two. I lined the snakes up in rainbow order, right next to each other, and gently smooshed them together into a patty of sorts. I then just rolled it out, and put it on the cake. We all loved how it came out! A simple white rope border, in buttercream, finished the cake.

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